This section will help you register, fill out your company profile and get ready for work at Skrepka Expo Online
Login to the exhibition platform
1. To enter the Skrepka Expo Online site (hereinafter - the exhibition), you need to use the information that is in the email from the organizers of the exhibition (login, password, link to enter the platform).
Click on the link indicated in the letter, and in the window that opens, enter the specified username and password (arrow 1.).

The left side panel (arrow 1.) allows you to enter the sections:
- Edit profile
- Product catalog
- Matchmaking
- Messages
- Visitor list
- Favorites
- My schedule
- Invite visitors
The central profile panel (arrow 2.) allows you to work with each section (enter information, edit, save).
Fill out the section "Edit Profile"
Subsection "General" (arrow 1.):
- upload your company logo
- enter the data in the subsections "Basic information":
Enter the name in Russian and English, separated by a slash (/). For example, Skrepka Expo / Skrepka Expo. It is recommended to write the name in English for foreign visitors of the exhibition to search for your company.
Select your country and city in English.
"Contacts of the exhibitor" - specify the contact where notifications and messages from the exhibition platform will be sent.
"Social networks" - insert links to company pages on social networks.
Company description
Add free format information about the company (company overview, industry, product details, history). The text is edited in the window. Add a description in English for communication with foreign companies.

Product categories
Arrow 1. Select the product categories of your company with checkboxes (click on the "+" to expand the category into subcategories).
"Video": Upload a company video (a video about a company or product) or embed an Embed Code (a link to a video from a youtube channel). Uploaded video criteria: no more than 80 MB.
Alert Settings: Choose which email notifications you receive when visitors interact with your profile, rate your products, and invite you to meetings.
Marketing Content: Upload brochures, price lists, catalogs, any marketing content (jpg, png, pdf, word, excel formats). All materials uploaded in this block will be available for download by other authorized users. If for some reason you do not want to post information in the public domain, you can send it separately to each exhibitor by e-mail.
Company representatives
The company's representatives are brought onto the platform by a responsible employee of the given company. Each company representative will have the opportunity to participate in all the events of the exhibition, make and hold meetings, interact with the exhibitors.
- click on the button "Add company representative" (arrow 1.)
- enter the e-mail address of the employee and confirm the action. In the pop-up window (arrow 2.) enter the employee's contact details (name, email address, phone number, position) - PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON.
To see how the employee card will look like, click on the "preview" button.
A letter with a login and password and a link to activate the profile will be sent to the email address of the added employee. A company representative must follow the link, enter a username and password, go to your profile and fill in all the necessary data to work on the platform.
To delete a company representative and his registration e-mail, you must delete it in the personal profile of the Company Representative (in the subsection "Your data" - "Disable account globally").
Check out more details on working with a company representative profile below.

Editing the profile of a company representative

After the Exhibitor adds a Company employee (in the "Company Representatives" subsection of the "Edit Profile" section), the employee receives a registration letter containing the login, password and activation link of the profile.
The representative of the company follows this link and in the window that opens enters the username and password, enters his personal profile on the exhibition platform.

Start of work of a company representative
The company representative must fill in the information in the "Edit profile" section (arrow 1.).
Fill in the information in the following subsections:
- "Contact information" (arrow 2.): name, e-mail, phone number, about yourself, company, website, address, category of interests, professional activity. PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON
Professional information
Professional information (arrow 3.) and subsection "Additional"
Check the boxes (arrow 4) of the appropriate answers to the questions in the sections, enter information about the company in a free format, attach the necessary marketing materials.
Matchmaking settings
Arrow 5. Use the "switch button" button to indicate which notifications you (the representative) will receive, enter brief information about yourself, which will be displayed in the preview card in the "Matchmaking" section, and, if necessary, block the time to schedule meetings for other exhibitors (other exhibitors will not be able to make an appointment for you) by clicking on the required time in the calendar (arrow 6.) - the cells will turn blue, and this will mean that this time is blocked. PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON.
Change Login Information: If necessary, enter a new password and confirm the action.
"Your data": if necessary, export (upload to the device) the data of the Company Representative, disconnect the account.

Fill out the section "Product Catalog"
To add a product, click on the "Add Product" button. In the window that opens, enter the information:
- product photo (arrow 1.). You can add multiple product photos.
- enter the name of the product (arrow 2.). For example, "Paper clips set".
- select a product category from the drop-down list (click on the "+" on the categories, subcategories and indicate with checkmarks) (arrow 3.)
- product description (fill in the text in the window, arrow 4.) in Russian and in the same window below - in English.
- upload a video (no more than 80 MB) or add Embed Code (link to a video from a youtube channel) (arrow 5.).

Product Catalog
All added products will appear in the list of your active products (arrow 1.) - these products will be visible to all exhibitors.
- To edit product information, click on the pencil icon on the product image.
- To remove a product from the list - click on the "basket" icon (arrow 3.) on the product image.
To save information about a product in your profile, but make it invisible to all exhibitors - click on the "switch button" on the product image (arrow 2.), thereby you will transfer it to the status of an inactive product and it will appear in the "Inactive products »of your catalog.

You are ready to go to the exhibition!
You have completed the basic settings of your profile
Check out the interactions section at the show