This section will help you use the recommendations of artificial intelligence for the selection of visitors at Skrepka Expo Online
Participation in events
To participate in the Events of the exhibition, go to the "Events" tab (the main horizontal menu)
You will be taken to the session schedule page (any events you can join).
To view all available events, select the All Sessions tab (arrow 1.).
For an overview of all appointments, select the All appointments tab (arrow 2.).
To view the general schedule of the Exhibitor, select the tab "My schedule"
(arrow 3.).
All sessions online
This block reflects all sessions (online events) to which you can join. After selecting the required session, press the "+ My Schedule" button (arrow 1.). After that, this session will be displayed in the "My Schedule" section.
Each session displays brief information about the topic of discussion, speakers and moderators, time, broadcast language (arrow 2.).
All sessions can be filtered by Destinations, Types, Date (arrow 3).
The section displays all the events of the Main Stationery Issue, the Art Show festival of creativity, Events from the Exhibitors and organizers of the Skrepka Expo Online exhibition.
If you want to hold a master class or presentation as part of the Art Show - contact the organizers of the Skrepka Expo Online exhibition.
Matchmaking is a system of automatic selection of exhibitors based on Artificial Intelligence. The selection of participants for each other is carried out based on the designated categories of products, profiles of activities, professional activity and interests indicated in the profiles of companies and visitors.
The algorithm selects recommendations for exhibitors and visitors.
In order to use the matchmaking function, go to your company profile and select the "Matchmaking" section in the left side menu. You will be taken to the page for selecting suitable visitors.
The system will generate a list of suitable companies / visitors (ranked from the most suitable at the top of the list to the most unsuitable at the end of the list), and will also offer you to mark companies that, in your opinion, are suitable for you. In order to designate a company / product / visitor as matching your interests, click on the "Favorites" button in the company / visitor card - these profiles will be saved in the "Favorites" section. To designate a company as unsuitable for your interests, click on the "out of date" button (arrow 1.)
Visitors' cards will contain brief information about their professional interests, which will make it possible to decide on the relevance of each of them. Each card contains buttons "Make an appointment" and "Send message" (arrow 2.), when you click on which you will be asked to book a meeting or send a message.

Section "Selected" for you is a catalog of selected companies / visitors of the exhibition.
Everyone who got into the "Favorites" section can be filtered by parameters (arrow 1):
-reciprocal (mutually added companies / visitors to their "favorites" sections)
-exhibitors, visitors, products, speakers (filtering by the appropriate type of participants).
Obtaining statistical information. Analytics / Statistics. Information on the work of the company at the exhibition. To obtain statistical information on how your company's stand works, you can in the section "Your Panel"
Arrow 1. - "Statistics" shows an area of visual information on all stand activities during the exhibition (the number of requests for a meeting, the number of page views of the company and product pages, the number of pages added to the "Favorites" section), notifications of appointments, messages sent and other profile activities.
Arrow 2. - "Interaction" shows activity for each user (green dots in the cells indicate this or that activity).
Arrow 3. - "Banner statistics" shows the number of clicks on your company's advertising / sponsored banners from pages from the placement on the exhibition platform.

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